Vanessa Lachey’s ‘third nipple’ worries!

Pregnant Vanessa admits she’s scared to sneeze incase her belly button pops out


Vanessa Lachey has revealed she’s loving pregnancy, apart from one thing – she’s worried her belly button will pop out and look like a “third nipple”.


The TV personality, who’s expecting her and husband Nick Lachey’s first child, told chat show host Bethenny Frankel about her fears, reports the Daily Mail.

“Everyone’s belly button is different. Some women’s belly buttons pop and some women’s don’t,” Vannessa said.

Despite being worried, Vanessa, who’s expecting a boy, appears to be approaching pregnancy with a good sense of humour.

“I thought, ‘Oh I wouldn’t mind if it popped because then it would be like the turkey’s done,’ right? And it’s cute!” she added.

“My stylist was like, ‘You don’t want that to pop. That’s like having a third nipple,’” Vanessa joked.

“Everytime I sneeze, I hold my belly button in. For some reason I think I’m going to sneeze it out.”

“I love everything about being pregnant. It’s empowering as a woman to be able to go through this process and create a human being.”

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