Victoria Beckham and Christina Applegate obsess over their baby daughters

Posh Spice can’t leave Harper Seven alone and Christina admits baby Sadie is her new obsession


Victoria Beckham hasn’t been without Harper Seven for a moment in the nine weeks since she was born. The designer, who’s been spotted taking her daughter to shows at New York Fashion Week, has spoken about their special bond in her first post-baby interview, with Elle magazine.


“I can’t leave her alone for a minute, I haven’t been out without her since she was born nine weeks ago, she’s too wonderful to leave,” Victoria gushed.

And according to her fashionista mama, Harper’s already getting into the spirit of couture. “We went into Prada yesterday and she loved it. It was as if she was saying, ‘Mummy I’m home’,” Victoria joked.

And Posh isn’t the only baby-obsessed new mum in Hollywood this week. Actress Christina Applegate has admitted she has been reluctant to break out the baby bubble she’s been in since her first daughter, Sadie, was born seven months ago.

“I had a baby at…39! Thirty-nine years of doing whatever I wanted to do. Getting up when I wanted to get up. Going where I wanted to go. Completely self-involved. The adjustment – she makes it easy, because she’s my obsession now,” said Christina.

Christina is back at work filming a new show about parenting, Up All Night. But she wasn’t sure about jumping back into the spotlight after becoming a mum. “This is my coming-out party,” she explained. “My bubble has been real tight and real quiet. If anyone gets too close to my kid with a camera, something violent may happen to them. My stomach turns inside out with the protection of her.”

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