Victoria Beckham ‘tricked’ by another celeb mum on sports day

The Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer is a little competitive… but it seems the other mums are too!


Ahhh sports day. It’s a funny one – after all, it’s just supposed to be a laugh, right?


Sports day’s not really a proper competition, as not every child in school is sporty, so it’s all about the taking part, getting involved and trying your best.

And while some mums and dads can embrace that, it seems others take the opportunity to get pretty competitive – especially when it comes to the mums and dads races.

For pro footballer David Beckham, it seems winning the dad race at his children’s latest sports day was no big deal. And to be fair, we’re guessing most of the other dads kind of expected it.

But Victoria told US chat show Late Night With Seth Meyers that there was no chance she was going to win this year’s mum race, given that she was wearing platform (read: not very exercise-friendly) shoes. So a fellow mum offered to hang back with her.

“I was at sports day. I thought it’s the taking part that counts…” she admitted, as reported by MailOnline. “One of the mums said we’ll run at the back together.”

However, this other mum turned out not to be very trustworthy, and was out to sabotage Victoria all along.

“She steamed ahead! She won the race and I was at the back.”

Apparently, the other mum rubbed it in a bit by telling the fashion designer: “I think you might have come last there.”

Grrr ?

Vic didn’t drop the other mum in it, but she did suggest it was another celeb parent, by telling host Seth Meyers: “If only you knew who it was!”

The 42-year-old fashion designer also opened up about her “travelling circus” family’s many talents while on the show.

She said “it was so great to have a girl” after giving birth to 3 boys, and that Harper, now 5 years old, takes after both dad and mum.

“She’s a little tomboy, playing in the garden, with her brothers, playing football, and David as well,” Victoria revealed. ‘But she’s also very girly, she loves to play with make-up.

“She has been able to run in a pair of high heels for a long time – so proud! So proud!” she joked.

Host Seth then turned the conversation to 11-year-old Cruz, who was recently revealed to be a great singer.

“He’s so musical… and we didn’t even realise he could sing. He’s always the one that plays football. And he was just sitting in the back of the car one day, singing, and I was like ‘Wow, you can really sing’.”

Finally, if you want to know whether or not the Beckham children have been made to sit through mum’s starring role in Spice World: The Movie – please rest assured, because the answer is, obviously, yes ?

Images: Instagram/Victoria Beckham

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