Victoria Beckham has posted a full picture of her daughter Harper Seven for the first time on her Twitter account.

While there are plenty of snaps of 16-month-old Harper in daily news stories, Victoria has, until now, avoided directly tweeting pictures of her daughter. The only twit pics VB has come close to posting have been a re-tweet of someone else’s picture of Harper walking in Dublin, and a very blurry image from behind of Harper waddling down the catwalk.

Victoria’s penchant for empty ‘family snaps’ even seemed to kick start a trend in Hollywood, with celebs tweeting that they were enjoying a family event, but posting a snap of themselves or empty scenery.

Whether Victoria has purposely avoided posting twit pics of Harper isn’t clear. But she's more likely to post snaps of her and Harper’s outfits for the day or pictures of herself dancing around in Vegas.

This latest snap of Harper is a whopping Beckham treat, too. Harper can be seen sitting on David’s lap, with brother Brooklyn to his right. Brooklyn, 13, has emulated David’s slicked-back look, while Harper has nailed her mum’s intense catwalk stare.

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