VIDEO: Father builds world’s fastest baby buggy

But the speedy stroller is too fast for his baby son

Arguably the laziest father in the world, Colin Furze, has built the world’s fastest motorised pram, to avoid pushing it himself. 


The revhead’s creation features a 125cc motorbike engine, four gears to help it go up hills and can reach a top speed of 50mph. 

However, this new dad’s need for speed isn’t practical, and the buggy is far too powerful for his one-month-old son Jake.

Speaking to The Sun, the petrolhead plumber said: “Hopefully, one day, I’ll take Jake for a ride, but I’m not sure my girlfriend, Charlotte, would be happy about it.”

The Stamford, Lincolnshire resident was determined to build the fastest pushchair in the world to set a new Guinness record.

If you’re looking to save effort in the pram-pushing department check out the new motorised pushchair that will launch in 2013


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