It's the little grey pot parents can't live without! Sudocrem fixes everything from nappy rash to scrapes and cuts - and even sorts your zits out (try it!).


But whatever you do - don't let the kids get hold of it.

Because, for some reason, little ones just can’t HELP smothering themselves - or a sibling (even more fun ?) - in the stuff.

And you know what? This magic cream is just SO HARD to get off, as it's designed to be waterproof.

So we totally feel the pain of this poor mum who found her two girls Scarlett and Poppy covered from head to toe in it.

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The mum accompanied the video with the following comment:

“My kids had a good time last night... This is amazing ???"

And so far it’s been watched 6.5 million times. Yep, you read that right. And it’s generated 23,000 comments.

“All through that I was thinking... I hope that's not Sudocrem. All parents will understand, it's an absolute nightmare to clean off,” said one of the commenters.

“What is it with kids and Sudocrem?” another quipped “It's like toddler cat-nip.

“When is the manufacturer going to get it together and put the stuff in some kind of fingerprint recognition vault instead of a plastic jar easily accessed by children?”

Now that’s an idea ?

Back to reality - we’re wondering how on earth this poor mum got her little ones clean again.

Any ideas? We'd love to know your tips for cleaning this stuff off.

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