VIDEO: Sleep expert Wendy Dean discusses her top tips for a dreamy baby

Pampers' Parenting Panel expert offers advice for sleep-deprived parents and baby



Pampers have teamed up with sleep expert and mum-of-four Wendy Dean to produce a video filled with sleep tips to help sleep-deprived parents and their restless little ones. 

Wendy’s top three tips for sleep-deprived parents:

  • Putting your baby down to sleep awake is the best tip that I can offer. As all babies naturally wake up during the night, if you put them down to sleep when awake it teaches them the ability to get back to sleep if they wake in the night.
  • Use a Pampers Baby-Dry nappy, as they absorb wetness away from skin faster than before, which then provides your little one with up to 12 hours of dryness.
  • Develop a sleep routine that helps the baby distinguish between the time to sleep and the time to be awake.

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