A photo shared to Bubs Warehouse International's Facebook page has captured the attention of parents across the globe... and it's pretty obvious why!


At first glance, it's just a sweet snap of a newborn with the (we assume) midwife who delivered her.

But look again, and you'll see that a weary, post-labour mum's in the background of the shot, and not at her best angle, either ?

Firstly, we've just gotta say we're glad that you can't identify the family behind this meme, which reads: "Some people are in such a hurry to put a baby picture on Facebook, they just forget some things before posting."

Though it would seem that they're not the first to take an ill-advised hospital snap and share it on social media.

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A fair few mums were quick to comment saying that their less technologically-capable relatives had ended up putting them in a similar, awkward position.

"Hahahahahaha this happened to me with my son???" one woman began. "My mum did the picture of my son on the weighing table thingy all focused on him not realising and put it on Facebook without realising ? yep I was in the photo????"

Another added: "This actually was my mum. She got camera happy in the delivery room. Beautiful newborn baby and completely forgetting my gina wad out ?? Thankfully, it didn't make fb. It did get printed at the photographers, though"

While one mum tagged a pal and noted she'd had a lucky escape from a similar fate: "?? lucky I deleted some of the pics I made you take ?"

There's a lesson in this story for all of us, which is: always look at the whole photo before posting it online.


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When you had your baby, were relatives and loved ones too snap-happy for your liking, catching you at awkward angles and getting you in pics you didn't like?

Or were you pretty lucky in that you love all your pics from the big day? Perhaps you've not got many photos from the day your baby was born?

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Image: Facebook/Bubs Warehouse International

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