Virgin dad in free sperm donation row

America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) questions free sperm donation by virgin who has fathered 15 children


Trent Arsenault, 36, has never had sex but has 15 children – thanks to his free sperm donations, the Sunday Times reports.


Trent’s decision to avoid the standard procedure of donating through a sperm bank means he now faces a possible cease-manufacture order from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Unlike a sperm bank, Trent’s business is carried out through his own website, where he gets to know the parents-to-be personally. While Trent actively monitors his health, going as far as to post personal information about his wellbeing on his website, the FDA is keen to curb these so called ‘peer-to-peer’ donations. The FDA stipulates that people who are choosing to traffic in substances such as sperm must complete regular tests, which it deemed wasn’t happening enough in Trent’s case.

Trent’s passion about sperm donation means he lives a very regulated life, doing all he can to ensure his sperm count is as high as it can be. According to the Sunday Times, this includes wrapping himself in a lead blanket if he travels by plane. A government-accountability public interest group has reportedly come forward to support Trent. The cease-manufacture has currently been suspended while the FDA decides whether a hearing needs to take place.


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