‘Voluntary’ school scheme says only kids whose parents donated can play with new sports equipment

The tactics of the school, in Tipton, have been called bullying and discriminatory...


Whoa, talk about a jaw-drop story… and not in a good way ?


A school in Tipton in the West Midlands has been criticised for apparently segregating rich from poor kids by only letting children whose parents had donated to a voluntary sports equipment fund play with the items purchased.

From what we’ve read, it seems parents were asked to pay £6 voluntarily to help pay for outdoor equipment, but when it came to using it, only those children whose parents had pitched in were allowed to use what had been bought.

As a result, some parents have set up a petition requesting that the scheme be axed.

“The parents that have paid and parents that haven’t are totally against the separation of the children as this can cause upset, bullying and social exclusion amongst other things,” reads the petition.

“We therefore request the ‘scheme’ to be discontinued as it’s just not something that any of us wish to be associated with.”

The school principle, Maria Bull, has said the bag of equipment was for fun lunchtime play, is an ‘extra’ and has reiterated that the school is ‘outstanding’.

She also said (perhaps shifting the blame a bit?): “This is a parent council initiative and the parent council came up with this way back in May 2017.”

Now, we have to say, the school council probably had some good intentions with this, but somewhere along the lines something’s gone pretty wrong.

No one from there has commented that we can see – if they do, we’ll let you know.

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