Want a truly unique name for your baby? That’ll be £21k

A Swiss naming agency will 'create' a brand-new, original name for your baby


Choosing a baby name can be quite a tricky process. You draw up a list of ideas, squabble with your partner about it, test the name with the surname, squabble with your partner about it, and play around with shortenings and initials that could become future playground taunts. But no matter how long you take to settle on a name, don’t let anyone accuse you of taking it too far. Because a Swiss company is offering a team of 13 naming experts to name your child for you – £21,417.


So what do you get for your money? Well, Erfolgswelle promise that “your child will be the first one with this newly-developed first name”.

The company usually creates company and product names but its director Marc Hauser decided to branch out into names for babies when he noticed a friend arguing with his partner. “The choice was causing tension between the couple, so he thought I could help,” he told Le Matin. After helping his friend, he decided to offer the service to parents worldwide. 


“We rely on culture, the origin and the desires of our customers,” he said. “The pronounciation and spelling need to be intuitive. If a person has to repeat his name four times on the phone and no one understands it, it is a failure.”

Included in the eye-watering fee is 4-5 weeks’ consultation from a expert-naming team who are more used to working with high-profile brands including Nestle and Danone than naming tots.

To create never-heard first names, the experts use the history and culture of family backgrounds and check for “harmony with the last name”. Nothing new there then, surely? But, they also check the name worldwide for any conflicting brand or language clashes. Well, if you’re going to name your baby something completely original, you don’t want to find out they’re named after a Chinese fabric softener or that their name is a swear word in Welsh…

Once a name has been developed, the company will use market research to “find out which name appeals most to a large test audience”. 

Last but not least, the company will develop a “credible new history and mythology around the new name” – so it can be used for generations to come. Unfortunately, though, you can’t trademark the name – so while the name will be unique, you could end up starting a trend.

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