War hero’s tears as he meets the 4-year-old girl he’s trying to save by selling his medals

ITV's Good Morning Britain organised a surprise intro between this brilliant dad and little Lottie, who has a rare cancer


Well here’s a tale to melt our hearts!


Lottie Woods-John is just 4 years old and is battling neuroblastoma – a rare cancer which affects young children. ?

Lottie has stage 4 cancer, and despite having had chemotherapy and 9 hours of surgery to remove most of the tumour in her stomach, there are still some cells remaining.

However, her parents, Dave John and Charlotte Woods, are hopeful that a £200,000 vaccine that is only available in America could prevent it returning.   


The family started a Go Fund Me page to raise the money needed to pay for Lottie’s treatment, and the appeal was spotted by ex-Royal Marine, Matthew Goodman, who has a 16-month-old daughter of his own.

Matthew has served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Ireland for the Royal Marines, and was awarded 3 medals, which he has now listed on eBay to help fund Lottie’s treatment – despite never having met the family.

Appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain show, Matthew said the medals had been ‘sitting in the drawer doing nothing’ and that although they were ‘awarded for the sacrifices’ he made, he was happy to ‘forgo that honour if it means helping a little girl in desperate need’. (gulp)

Matthew had no idea that little Lottie and her mum would also be in the studio as he told the programme how his medals could have a ‘greater purpose’ and do ‘good things in the world’.

The war hero was left fighting back tears as the little girl joined him on the GMB sofa, and her mum explained that his actions had left her totally ‘speechless’. 

“It was huge for me it’s such an amazing kind thing to do,” she said as she explained how she’d got the call informing her of Matthew’s kind offer.

Aw! Amazing indeed. The kindness of strangers can totally blow us away sometimes, can’t it? We are completely bowled over by this story – what a hero you are Matthew, and you need no medals to prove it. ✊ ✊

Pics: ITV/GMB / GoFundMe



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