Here at MFM HQ, we have to say our eyes were on stalks when we saw this amazing footage, shared by a doctor from Venezuela, on Instagram, showing a baby's head 'popping' out of its mum in a 'gentle' or 'natural' C-section.


Pretty incredible, huh?

We've seen footage of a 'gentle' c-section before, from the UK, in fact. We'd share it again but it seems the vid is no longer available ?

Typically, if a woman has to have a C-section birth, an incision is made and the baby is removed by the medics.

In a natural or gentle C-section, however, doctors leave the baby to make its own way out of the womb.

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There might or might not be a screen between mum and baby.

Many people who have seen videos of these births on social media have called them "amazing" and "beautiful".

One person asked: "Why are they not all like this? So much benefit for the baby to be born that way. Lovely to see a C-section where the baby isn't pulled out clamped and taken away - very positive way."

What do you think?

What do you make of this video? Did you have a C-section? Would you have liked it to be a natural or gentle C-section if you had a choice? Tell us over on Facebook or in the comments below.

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