WATCH: Newborn twins in first-bath vid

Babies cling together as they enjoy special bathing technique


It’s probably the cutest viral vid of the moment: newborn twins clinging to each other, with their eyes closed, as they’re gently bathed in warm water.


The Thalasso Baby Bath, created by French nurse, Sonia Rochel, involves cradling a baby tenderly in the bath and running water gently over the baby’s face – to imitate how it feels for a baby in the womb. Sonia has filmed her breathtakingly tender technique before but this is the first time she’s been filmed bathing twins. 

The technique looks very relaxing – the fraternal-twin babies look super-chilled – but Sonia does not recommend that parents try this at home.

The twins in the video – a boy and a girl – were just a few days old when they had their amazing bath. 

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