When to see Santa’s sleigh flying over your house this Christmas 2020

Find out when the bright lights of Santa's sleigh (aka the International Space Station) will be passing across the skies of the UK on Christmas Eve this year - a don't miss moment


Ah, Christmas is nearly here. And nothing heralds the Big Day like spotting the first signs that Santa is on his way, dashing through the sky on his present-laden sleigh with his adorable reindeer.


If you fancy bringing that bit of extra Christmas magic for your little ones, you might want to know that the International Space Station (ISS) will be passing over the UK, briefly, at 6.02am on 24 December 2020 – yes, it’s early! Because it reflects light from the sun, the ISS looks like a giant star – or possibly Santa’s sleigh – and is one of the brightest objects in the sky after the moon.

To make sure you catch it from your location – and know where in the sky to look – you can sign up for text alerts from NASA and you can also get more information at Meteorwatch.

And, if you miss it, you can spot it again on Christmas Day for 2 minutes at about 6.49am when it’s super bright (so, if your children are up, they can watch Santa heading back to the North Pole).


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