Two precious twin baby girls, one dummy and a battle to see which twin gets to keep it.


It’s the perfect set up for viral gold… proven by the fact a video featuring just that has been viewed a whopping 50 million times.

In the clip, which lasts around 1 minute 12 seconds, the twin babies are sat on the floor. One baby has the dummy in her mouth, which causes her twin sister to have a little cry, because she also wants the dummy.

She snatches it away, looking rather content, but then her twin sister starts crying.

And so on, and so on… ?

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Honestly, you just need to watch it, as it’s very sweet...

And we reckon whoever these little ones are, they’ll both grow to LOVE this video when they’re older. Definitely one to bring out at their 30th birthday parties ?

It seems that most viewers agree that the video is super cute and totally harmless, but judging by the YouTube comments, some viewers found watching the twins’ continued frustrations difficult.

It’s easily explained away, though. Perhaps a second dummy was on it’s way, when mum or dad noticed their children’s behaviour, had a quick LOL and decided to film it.

Also, it’s plausible that the dummy-less twin was immediately given a second soother just after the video ended.

But if another viral video from 2010 is anything to go by, sometimes even a dummy for each twin isn’t enough! There's just that one they both REALLY want...

Here, we see an adorable set of twin boys each with a dummy of their own. One twin removes his dummy and tosses it aside… only to quickly pinch his brother’s and pop it straight in his mouth ?

Twins will be twins, eh?

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Videos: YouTube

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