'Gender reveal' parties have become quite a thing, with proud parents-to-be pulling out all the stops to 'reveal' their baby's sex to their loved ones.


We've heard of everything from firework displays (yes, really) to cakes with either a pink or blue sponge inside - and we don't often see these parties fail to go to plan.

Until now.

Joe and Leela Krummel, from the US, were planning a sweet, yet fairly low-key reveal bash for their friends and family - the simple un-boxing and releasing of pink or blue balloons in their back yard.

In fact, the Krummel's didn't even know their baby's sex themselves.

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They had given the balloon store staff the sealed envelope from the ultrasound, and asked them to fill the box with either pink or blue balloons depending on what the scan result was.

What could possibly go wrong, eh?

Well, we're not entirely sure what DID go wrong, but the balloons the store packed in the box were not quite what the Krummels - or their guests - were expecting.

Instead of pink or blue balloons flying skywards, a bunch of multi-coloured inflatables floated in to the air instead.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Joe Krummel said that he and Leela were left 'really upset' and then 'sad and furious' by the mix up.

Fortunately, the sealed envelope which the couple had given to the balloon shop was still in the bottom of the box, so a friend of the parents-to-be had a sneaky peak and then went and packed the box with the correct colour balloons so the pair could still have their big reveal moment.

The assembled guests - and the Krummel's - then finally found out that the newest addition to the family would be a little boy. Hurrah!

What a disaster though - can you imagine putting tons of effort into organising a reveal party and then having that happen? Thank goodness the store left the scan results envelope in.

How did you announce your baby's sex - did you keep things low key or have a big real party? And, gulp, have you ever seen a reveal go disastrously wrong?

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Pics: YouTube/Inside Edition

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