WATCH: Woman gives birth on a bus – and the driver steps into help

Amazing video shows an Argentinian woman giving birth on her local bus, according to reports


A woman from Santiago del Estero in Argentina has given birth on a public bus, according to The Mirror


The woman was on the number 39 bus when she went into labour, and is said to have been aided by two policemen and the bus driver, a man named Christian Luna Garcilazo.

It seems Christian was amazed by the turn of events while driving down his usual route, so decided to film the moment the baby was born (with mum’s permission, we hope).

You can’t actually see the birth up close – but you can hear the cries of the mum and right at the end you do get to see the brand new baby being held by one of the people close at hand.

You can see the video in a public post on Christian’s Facebook page (please note: there’s understandably a lot of screaming).

There are also local media reports (in Spanish) which feature Christian talking about the surprise labour.

The awestruck bus driver shared the video to social media with the caption: “This has just happened to me in my work: a passenger gave birth – a blessing!”

The new mum – who is unnamed in the reports – is seen in the clip drinking water, and holding her newborn child, having a well-deserved lie back after giving birth.

She looks into the camera and says: “Thank you” to the men who helped her.

It’s also been reported that she was then taken to hospital to be checked over, and both mum and baby are doing just fine.

We know that stories like this go viral all the time – and some of them turn out to be hoaxes – but this really is such a wonderful story with a very happy ending!

We’re so glad mum and baby are A-OK ?

Images: Facebook/Christian Luna Garcilazo

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