Watching the birth of your child is our top rated sight

You’ll be pleased to hear watching the football is beaten by seeing your new baby arrive in the world


A new poll of more than 1,000 people has confirmed what we at MFM were hoping for.


The birth of our children has been rated the sight of a lifetime, beating other such classics as getting married, seeing the Grand Canyon and thank goodness, coming in above watching our favourtite sports team win a match (take note, dads).

The results of this survey by eye specialists, Ultralase put a smile on our faces at MFM HQ this morning. While it’s heartwarming to see watching your newborn arrive into the world coming out on top, we were also tickled by the other results – who would have thought watching an animal trot around would make the top 10?

See what you think with the top 10 sights of a lifetime listed below…

  1. Witnessing the birth of your child
  2. Getting married and seeing your partner at the alter
  3. Watching your sports team achieve glory
  4. The view of a topical beach while on holiday
  5. Watching an animal in the wild
  6. Going to a music festival and seeing your favourite band
  7. The Pyramids
  8. The Grand Canyon
  9. Niagara Falls
  10.  Diving with sharks


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