Wayne Rooney shares cute pic of Kai and Klay

The Manchester United striker makes his debut on Instagram with a candid 'selfie' of himself and his two boys


Footballer Wayne Rooney has posted the sweetest pic of himself and his sons, Kai and Klay, on his Instagram page.


He’s captioned the pic ‘Chilling with my two boys’, and the affection between the Manchester United star and his two sons is plain for all to see.

We’re more used to seeing their mum Coleen sharing family pics on Twitter and Instagram but it looks like Wayne’s fast getting the hang of the family-selfie thang!

Baby Klay, now about 9 months old, looks happily on while big brother Kai, 3, stares straight at the camera. And is he making a “W” sign with his hands, to big up his dad? We think he might be!

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