We want one of Liev Schreiber’s piggyback harnesses!

Naomi Watts' 4-year-old Sasha seemed to enjoy seeing the world from his much taller than usual height, while Sasha's little brother Samuel took it easy in his top-notch buggy


Liev Schreiber and his family were spotted strolling around New York yesterday – and 4-year-old son Sasha seemed to get the best view!


Sasha and Samuel’s mum, Naomi Watts, was also there to lend a hand, as she walked alongside the family wearing a casual outfit of black shorts and a floaty blouse.

We love the idea of this “piggyback rider” harness, and by the looks of things, Sasha does too. The harness is attached to the X Men Origins actor just like a backpack, with a shoulder-mounted foot bar for Sasha to stand on and a harness around him for extra safety. Apparently the Piggyback Rider is big in the States for children aged 2 to 7 and is sold for around US$80, according to the Daily Mail.

As well as keeping Sasha close, dad Liev pushed along his youngest son, Samuel, 2, in what looks like one of Mountain Buggy‘s buggies (wow, that’s a mouthful!). Liev isn’t the first dad spotted pushing a top-name buggy – read our guide to see which celebs are pushing what.

“Liev’s moments with the children are amazing. The games just go on and on. I’ve always said that men are great in the moment, but not good in the planning,” said Naomi recently, reports the Times of India.

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