Weird adoption – fan tries to adopt Harry Potter star!

Harry Potter actor Tom Felton received an American fan mail request to divorce his biological parents and move to the US to start a new life.


Actor Tom Felton, 23, who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, was taken aback by a fan’s strange request to adopt him. “It was the most disturbing fan mail I’d received. He was very serious,” said Tom, reports


But that’s not all. The fan organised and filled in the official documents so all Tom had to do was put down his signature. “It wasn’t just a letter,” Tom explained, “He sent me a binder of official documents that he’d filled out for me, so I just had to sign, change my name to Draco, then divorce my parents and go to America to live with him.”


When he first appeared in Harry Potter with lead man Daniel Radcliffe and co-star Emma Watson, Tom was just 13 years old. He admitted he was really an “amateur” in the industry, “Let’s be honest, we weren’t picked for Harry Potter for our acting ability – it was because we looked like the characters.” Weren’t they lucky!

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