Weird – give Anna a caesarean on unofficial Frozen app

Bizarre unlicensed app arms you with a scalpel and epidural needle to give Anna a C-section. Yes really...


This new unofficial Frozen app is so strange we had to share them with you. It’s obviously nothing to do with Disney, but the app’s characters bear a striking resemblance to some of our favourite Frozen stars.


In the app, a girl called Anna (with strawberry-blonde hair in pigtails) is pregnant, having married a dashing man who has a big hint of Kristoff about him. And guess what, it’s now up to you to help her give birth. By caesarean. Oh yes!

The ‘Anna Giving Birth’ app is currently available on iTunes. It doesn’t have any age restrictions – and despite the bright cartoonish design, the concept is distinctly adult.

While the app doesn’t mention Frozen, if your child has access to iTunes she could find the app by typing in the word Anna – it came up second for us. This is definitely not an app for a young Frozen fan.

“Anna got married and she was pregnant in the spring,” the game’s blurb reads. “Now nine months had elapsed, and it’s time to give birth to a baby. Anna needs a very experienced doctor to help her deliver her baby. Let’s come to help her!”

In the game, the user is directed to inject Anna with a sparkly needle to give her an epidural – Anna then magically goes to sleep while you give her a virtual C-section.

A small virtual scalpel appears and as you drag it across Anna’s large pregnant belly, a magic orb is released followed by her baby. But the work isn’t over yet, as you also have to use the virtual scalpel to cut the baby’s umbilical cord.


There’s another ‘birth’ app featuring a girl who’s a bit of a double for Elsa. The game, designed by a different developer, is called ‘Mommy’s Newborn Baby’. Fortunately this one is only available to download if you’re age 17 or over.

It features Elsa going into labour and you have to call an ambulance to take her to hospital. Then you press the ‘push’ and ‘breathe’ buttons to help her while she’s in labour. Once the baby’s born it’s up to you to cut the umbilical cord.

What do you think of the apps? Would you let your child play with them? Let us know in the comments below.


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