Now, what would you think if you got a letter home from school requesting that your child bring in slippers to wear in lessons?


That's exactly what's happened to parents of kids at a primary school in North Wales, where teachers have agreed that there are benefits to children wearing slippers, following research carried out at Bournemouth University in 2016.

The study, using 10 years of data from 25 countries, showed that wearing slippers to school led to calmer and better behaviour and children feeling more relaxed, as well as making school areas more hygienic and creating less wear and tear on buildings.

“As a department, we feel that this would be extremely beneficial for our children and therefore are asking you to supply a pair of simple, cheap and comfortable slippers with a rubber sole for your child in January to wear inside the class and the school," the letter says, according to the Daily Post.

“Black school shoes or black trainers will be required for any outings or trips, however on a daily basis your child may come to school in any chosen shoes/boots appropriate for the weather.”

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The news has had, let's say a mixed reaction from mums and dads...

"Personally, I can’t see how slippers can make a child better behaved and I... think it will be more confusing for them walking to school in school shoes then having to change into slippers once they get there,” said one unhappy parent.

Another agreed: “I think school children should wear shoes in school because of risks of chairs being pulled in on toes, science experiments, spillages, wet floors, non supportive to feet etc.

“Slippers would get lost with all the changing to and from shoes to go outside and not only that, schools have uniforms with stupid rules.”

Though others thought there might be some benefits: “I actually think this is a good idea, especially in the foundation phase where children are playing on the floor. Much more comfortable for their little feet.”

Here at MFM HQ we can definitely see both sides to this: it would be kinda nice for the kids to be comfy in school and cosy slippers could well do that.

On the other hand, we reckon it'd be a massive faff at playtime when they'd need to change into their outdoor shoes.

It also doesn't prepare you that well for 'real life' and what you'll be expected to wear at uni/work, does it? Not a single one of the MFM team is wearing slippers in the office today, we promise... ?

What do you think?

Do you think slippers in school is a good idea - or quite the opposite? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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