What children wish for – surprise results

Wish list reveals desire for good grades, world peace and football success


Most schoolchildren’s biggest wish is to do well at school, according to a survey of over 2,000 3 to 10-year-olds by LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, Manchester. Getting good grades was the top wish for 20% of the children polled, while being a footballer or princess came in second place with 16% hoping for the career path.


As well as fun wishes, such as being able to fly (a top desire for 12% of the children) and hoping for holidays and new toys (13% for each), 5% of the children wanted to give away their wish to a friend of family member.

And the kind-heartedness didn’t stop there, with 10% of the children choosing world peace as their priority.

When it came down to more mundane ideas, it seems we shouldn’t worry about children growing up too soon, as most aren’t bothered about being a grown up. Only 2% thought this was something they’d like. And nor do most children particularly want a little brother or sister with a matching low 2% opting for sibling as their one wish (perhaps they’ve heard the news about only children?).


What would be your little one’s top wish?

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