What happens when Tom Fletcher takes baby Buzz to work

The McBusted singer jokes it’s ‘Take your Buzz to work day’


Tom Fletcher has really got into the swing of being a new dad. He’s dealt with “exploding poop”, being the “most tired you’ll ever feel” and even likes to wear matching outfits with his son.


So we’re not surprised the doting dad took his 5-month-old to work with him.

But sitting on his dad’s lap, baby Buzz looks more than a little bemused!

Sat in a make-up chair, he’s probably not used to seeing his dad being primped and preened!

And Tom couldn’t resist taking a selfie of his son’s funny face.

“Yesterday was national “take your Buzz to work day”,” he joked on Instagram.

We wonder if little Buzz will follow in his McBusted dad’s rockstar footsteps one day?

Photo: Instagram / Tom Fletcher

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