What happens when you’re born on February 29th?

Thousands of ‘leapers’ are celebrating their four-yearly birthdays this leap year


The chance of having a baby on the 29th February is about one in 1,461, so if you’re due tomorrow (on Leap Day) your baby’s going to be born with an automatic talking point!


According to The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies, a free online club with nearly 10,000 members all born on this unusual date, around 5 million people worldwide share this birthday. The site has member profiles and a countdown to the next ‘proper’ birthday.

The big question for Leapers/Leapsters/29ers is how and when do you celebrate your birthday?

Some pick the day before or after on a normal year, usually the 28th, “Because it’s the same month as when I was born,” explained Marisa Wiktor, 31 (or nearly 8), from Milwaukee.

But some are very strict about their “real” birthday and only get a celebration every four years.

“My grandparents were sticklers,” said Katie Busch, also 31 (or nearly 8). “No leap year, no call, no cards, nothing. They simply said, ‘It’s not your real birthday’.”

If you’re a true birthday stickler, it’s worth knowing babies born tomorrow will be 72 in real years before they’re allowed to drink alcohol… seems a bit harsh!

Do you know any leap babies?

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