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What Holly Willoughby told Phillip Schofield about giving birth to her third baby

This Morning presenter also revealed that not everyone likes her new baby's name, Chester

Holly Willoughby only gave birth to Chester William on Monday, but she’s already been on the phone to This Morning. The mum-of-3 called in to the show to tell Phillip Schofield and her stand-in Amanda Holden all about her new "big" arrival.


"It was a very exciting evening; I started having contractions at around 9 in the morning. Then he arrived at 7.20pm," she said. "It was very different to my other two, I had a water birth and that was amazing and he was a really big boy."

Holly hasn't revealed details about how big Chester is, but she must have been relieved that she had a straightforward birth after her 50-hour labour marathon giving birth to her 3-year-old daughter Belle.

She announced on Monday that her newborn is called Chester. But not all of the Willoughby clan approve of the name. In fact, Holly’s 5-year-old son Harry has another suggestion.

"When we told them he was called Chester this morning, Harry said: 'No, I want to call him Frank'," she said.

But despite the dispute over Chester’s name, Holly is having a "lovely" time with her newborn.

"Everything is just lovely. We're just in that lovely baby bubble," she said.

"He's so delicious, I can't stop looking at him, he's perfect."

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