What kids REALLY think of the Olympics

Swimming, Usain Bolt and Ryan Giggs get the kids’ vote, although some children think the event hails from Japan…


A new survey has revealed that children really do know their stuff when it comes to the Olympics.


A survey of 13,000 children (aged between 2 and 12 years) by BinWeevils.com shows 36% of children think Usain Bolt is the biggest male sporting superstar. Diver Tom Daley took 16% of the votes while footballer Ryan Giggs and cycling star Chris Hoy got 9% each.

Ahead of Friday’s opening show, 35% of the children said that outside of the UK, the USA was the team to watch. In true sporting spirit, 76% said Great Britain would come back with the most medals (Boris will be proud!).

It’s all about the pool too with 28% saying swimming was the sport they’d most like to take part in – putting it ahead of football which racked up 22% of the votes.

Children were pretty spot on when it came to how many countries were competing (it’s 204 – we didn’t know either!) but we were tickled that 7% thought the worldwide competition started in Japan. 


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