What kids think about Fashion Week (and we kind of agree)

High fashion gets a dressing down from these young 'uns


Ever had that look from your child as if to say, ‘Mummy, what ARE you wearing?’ Yes, most of us know first-hand that children can be the world’s harshest critics, even in the grown-up domain of fashion.


Take a look at what happened when a bunch of kids were asked to review some of the weird and wonderful styles that adorned the catwalk at New York Fashion Week in September.

Think you’re bang on trend, NYFW? Oooh – not according to these guys…

The Look


What they said

“It just totally reminds me of a swarm of bees. Bees that like the smell of her boobs or something.”

“Socks with sandals? I mean that is the worst thing you can do.”

The Look


What they said

“I love that! I would actually wear that, It looks like a big fluffy cupcake.”

“Why does she have two watches on?”

The Look


What they said

“Is that like…an emoji???”

“Why would you DO that?”

The Look


What they said

“I mean, if she thinks she has to wear it…go for it girl!”

“I think she looks like a chicken.”

The Look


“She should be in the sea!”

“Ohhh, yes, I like that…I actually have a mermaid tail myself.”

The Look


“Glasses WITHOUT glass?!!!”

“My mum is wearing this outfit! She’s going to wear it to work!”

Errr… we couldn’t confirm this, but if she does – good on you, mum!


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