What kind of Tooth Fairy is leaving £5 per tooth?

The Tooth Fairy’s purse is not fair across the country, a survey shows


The Tooth Fairy is reportedly more generous in some parts of the country than others, a survey has revealed.


But, what we want to know is who is pushing the value of milk teeth through the roof?

London tops the list, with each child receiving an average of £5.10 per tooth. That’s a whopping £100 for an entire set of milk teeth. Cambridge wasn’t far behind with children finding £5 under their pillows.

The Tooth Fairy’s budget was lowest in Hull, where children receive an average of 5p per tooth. Closely followed by Portsmouth, where children receive an average of 10p.

Mums, we’d like to know who is paying £5 for a tooth? That sounds like a lot to us!

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