What Marks & Spencer will roll out for Christmas 2011

With decadent food treats that look almost too good to eat, M&S will be the one we blame for any Christmas weight gain...


Heading to the M&S Christmas 2011 press show today, at a rather lush Mayfair address, MFM thought back to last year’s impressive foodie offering from M&S and wondered if it could be as good. It turns it is – this year is equally as exciting as 2010, and with impressive new food delights coming our way, as well as the favourites you’ll recognise, we think many of us will hold M&S responsible for our festive weight gain.


Food, be it what you serve your family or what you give as a gift, was laid out in abundance in the grand venue. MFM hit table after table of roast meats, Christmas puddings and cakes, new takes on old desserts and party food, as well as amazing chocolate selections.

Considering how crazy you all went last time we talked chocolate, we’ve paid special attention to what M&S has coming your way…

The delicately decorated chocolates that make up The Very Merry Christmas pieces feature five Christmas-inspired flavours, such as Christmas pudding, and come in a box of 22 for £7. It’s pretty enough to gift, but if it makes it out of your own home unopened, well, you’re a strong woman.

The Desserts Collection – a selection of chocolates with six flavours inspired by dessert faves such as rhubarb and custard – comes in a tall, elegant, black hexagonal box that opens out into a gorgeous display stand. At £20, this takes the post dinner party ‘coffee and chocolate’ moment to a new level.

The Coffee Canapés are petite cup-shaped chocolates based around coffee flavours – espresso of course, plus a light and fluffy cappuccino filling, caramel macchiato and hazelnut latte.

There are also boozy gifts – the £10 boxed selection of four different whiskeys screams Grandpa and the Fizz Selection (again £10 for a boxed gift set of four small bottles) is for your girlfriend who loves a tipple. Or, let’s be honest, to buy for yourself on behalf of your kids.

Decorations are another M&S strong point – the entry foyer at the press show dazzled, and come Christmas time you’ll need to enter M&S with a cold-hard stare. You could easily blow your budget on the huge array of festive bits and pieces for your tree/table/door/entire home. If you have a small tot and will be avoiding anything little and non-childproof, consider this a built-in safety net for your finances. For those of us with children beyond the “let me see if I can swallow it” phase, brace yourselves.

Boys’ toys, girls’ gifts and presents for men and women ranged from the novelty types (aka the Giant Stress Ball pictured below) to affordable toys, such as the pretend play sets for £12 to £15. Hello Kitty, Toy Story and Mr Men are all due to make an appearance this Christmas, as is a new collection for M&S called Emily Button – very pretty, very girly and rather charming.


The downside of the M&S press show? MFM was so engulfed in quizzing the M&S team about new desserts and chocolates, there was no time to head to the mini manicure bar at the back of the show!

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