What products have we been putting through their paces at MadeForMums HQ this week?

Part one: a new lunchbox staple and a boob-job in a bottle


Word must be getting out that here in the MFM office, we’re experts on, well, pretty much everything! It’s been a bumper week with brands of all kinds queuing up to thrust their products into our trusty hands. And here’s the lowdown on everything from Ryvita to bust enhancing cream.


Thanks to Ryvita, there is such thing as a free lunch*

*one off only, if you happened to be in the MFM office last Tuesday! But head to the Ryvita website to be in with the chance of winning crunchy goodies

Were you as bit mystified by the idea of a jazzy new range of Ryvita crispbreads as I was?  The last time I tried the stuff was a few years back, on a health kick, dipped in hummus, and it reminded me mostly of cardboard.

But no more! My lunchtime bag of treats arrived containing sweet onion and cracked black pepper Ryvita packs, with an elaborate collection of toppings. Cheeses, sun dried tomatoes, chutney and even cold cuts of chicken. Things I would never have thought of slathering on my Ryvita. My personal recommendation is the sweet onion Ryvita, combined with a big hunk of cheddar and sun dried tomatoes. Free lunch aside, I have genuinely been won over by this stuff, and will continue to cover my desk in crumbs of a lunchtime on a daily basis.

And given my passion for storage solutions, the branded Ryvita tin gave filled me with joy.

From stuffing my face with cheese covered crunchy snacks to faking perfect breasts…

Boob-job in a bottle – Lierac’s Bust Lift Tensor Spray

Putting the rac in rack, Lierac promises a toned, shapely bust with just one squirt. Well if that’s all it takes….

Alright, when I agreed to test this spray, I thought it would be fun. But when it arrived I realised I wasn’t actually sure I’d want to share the uplift (or not) of my décolletage with all of you lot!  It is a tough job, this. But someone’s got to do it and as long as I spare you the before and after photo, I think we’re all safe.

There are two ways to use this spray. The first is a quick spritz to perk up the girls, with light reflecting particles to smooth out any creases, all set for a night out. The second is a morning and night routine designed to have a deeper impact. It’s a perfect post baby (and definitely post breastfeeding) pick me up and promises to tighten and lift using proteins that form a lifting microfilm on your cleavage. Whether you believe the wacky science or not, it does give you a few minutes of the day to moisturize and focus on you, which might be worth the £25 price tag alone. Plus, the shimmer reflects nicely in photos, which, in the age of Facebook, is by far the most important thing! You can pick some up over at www.lookfantastic.com.


More products are being tried out as we speak – Find out what the new Fairy Liquid can do for scaly hands and which all-natural face masque is doing the rounds in the MFM office?

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