What Simon says this week… Cowell baby latest

We’ve rounded up the latest X Factor baby news


Ever since Simon Cowell announced he’s expecting his first child with Lauren Silverman, we’ve been bombarded with news (particularly from Simon) on the unborn heir to the X Factor throne.


So we’ve rounded up all the things Simon said this week so you can stay ahead of the gossip!


Simon and Lauren haven’t revealed if they know the baby’s sex, but speaking to TMZ, Simon alluded he might want a boy. “If it’s a boy there will be another me on this Earth for many more years to come.” Now there’s a scary thought!

Night duties

Simon also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was asked if he would get up with the baby.

According to the Daily Mail, he joked: “Can’t you just pay someone to do that?

“I will probably do it once or twice. I was brought up by nannies. I didn’t recognise my mum until I was about three or four.” 


Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden revealed Simon will probably pick a classic name for his tot.

Speaking at the TV Choice Awards she said: “Simon is a traditionalist so he will go for something classy.

“He’s really good with kids. It’s all a myth this stuff and I think this baby will be the love of his life.”

No Apples, North Wests, or Phaedras in Simon’s brood then!

What lies ahead

”I’m excited more than nervous,” Simon told the Daily Mirror. “Although someone was asking me about all these scenarios. What I’d do if she or he did certain things, like if it was a girl and she dressed to go out like Miley did at the VMAs, what I would say … I haven’t a clue!

“I mean honestly, I’m not thinking that far ahead with it. But I’m really looking forward to it.”

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