If you're anything like half the team here at MFM, you've probably held onto a fair few of your little one's old clothes they no longer fit into - just because you can't handle the thought of getting rid of them.


There are some outfits that you really don't want to part with - perhaps the first one they wore, one given to you by a special relative, or just one you really, really like.

Enter Cuddle Me Too - a business started by mum Helen back in April 2012, while on maternity leave with her daughter Ellie, now aged 5.

She told MadeForMums: "I started off by borrowing my mum's old sewing machine and made comfort blankets for my little girl.

"Then when Ellie grew out of her first clothes I didn't know what to do with them. I didn't want to sell them but I also didn't want them to be put in a bin liner and probably put away in the loft.

"That is when I thought up the idea of making a bear from them. My first attempt was quite comical as I didn't appreciate the stretch you can get in little baby grows.


"When I came to stuff the bear it just got fatter and fatter and looked quite silly!! (I have kept it though). I did loads of research and practised different techniques and I'm so happy with how my bears turn out now.

"I am now on maternity leave again with my baby who is 6 months old. I made a decision when I first started maternity leave that I would like to try and not return to work and make a real go of my business.

"I bought myself a new sewing machine which has the function to do embroidery which I adore. The bears make a fab gift too as they can be personalised in any way you like.


"My most recent bear was for someone to give as a Christening gift. I also did a bear for a lady who's dad had recently passed away. She gave me his favourite jumper which I used entirely for the bear."

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