What was your baby’s first word?

Garlic, turtle and aardvark? Yep, these are among the words you MFM mums have heard your babies say first


After chatting away on our Facebook about first words, it was found that in the midsts of all the “dada” and occasional “mama” there’s been a “garlic”, “turtle”, “light”, “ball” and a possible “aardvark”!


Pushing aside the fact that a lot us would probably hope mum was said first by our baby, it’s pretty darn cute. Other terms of endearment including “love you” were also listed but it was the unusual ones that caught our eye.

Our favourite has to be one user’s revelation that her child is convinced his baby sister’s first word was “mango”. Plus, we’re impressed with the fact that one baby’s first word was “cheese” – as in getting ready for a photo, not what you pop in a sandwich.  

There are some sociable babies among the group too with “hiya” making first word status for some. Along with our friend at the RSPCA, a couple of users also quoted “cat” among their babies’ first words. Peppa Pig even appears to have got a mention, along with “apple”, “car” and “star”. 

Have you added your babies’ first words to the list? Join in the chatter on MFM’s Facebook page.


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