What’s making Tom Fletcher’s son Buzz smile?

Baby Buzz 'McFly' makes friends in the park - and moves into his own room at night


Tom ‘McFly’ Fletcher’s wife Giovanna has shared the sweetest Instagram pic of baby Buzz beaming at the birds in the park.


Wrapped up in a London bus-patterned bobble hat, 6-month-old Buzz looks thrilled to make friends with a swan and some geese.

“Buzz made a new friend. I wasn’t so sure..,” mum Giovanna commented. “So much love for this little fella! Xxxx.”


Tom and Giovanna also announced – with some enthusiasm – that baby Buzz will be sleeping in his own room from now on. (The NHS recommends that your baby should sleep in the same room as you for the first 6 months of his or her life.)

Posing for an ‘ecstatic-pose’ selfie, the couple look thrilled that their son’s reached his first half-year – and that they’ve got their bedroom back!

“It’s Buzz’s first night sleeping in his own room,” Tom said.

Photos: Instagram / Giovanna Fletcher and Instagram / Tom Fletcher

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