What’s on 4-year-old Prince George’s Christmas list

Prince William has revealed his son's handwritten letter to Santa. Aww...


When you’re the future King of England, you can probably write whatever you want on your Christmas wishlist and be pretty confident you’ll get it, right? ?


Well, we’ll find out soon enough, because Prince William has revealed what Prince George has asked Santa for this Christmas.

The 4-year-old mini monarch’s sweet handwritten letter was given to ol’ St Nick himself, during dad William’s recent royal visit to Helsinki, Finland.

And we can see from snaps captured at the event that Royal Tot has requested nothing but a ‘police car’ as a gift.

(He also said he’d been nice this year, not naughty.)

Now, we know Prince George is probably asking for a toy police car, but he’s probably seen a fair few real police cars in his time.

So, who knows? Maybe he’ll get a ride in the real deal, instead ?

Images: Twitter/Kensington Royal

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