Can parents living separately both see their children during the coronavirus outbreak?

As the Prime Minister has announced a stop to all but 'essential travel' during the coronavirus outbreak, what does this mean for divorced or separated parents and their children?


Children under the age of 18 WILL still be allowed to move between households if their parents are divorced or separated, advises Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove. Further Government advice has clarified that shuttling children between two homes should be kept to a minimum, and so if you have a regular frequent arrangement you may want to agree a new one.


There was initially some confusion when Michael Gove was asked the question on Breakfast TV this morning and wasn’t clear about whether this could or couldn’t happen. But he spoke shortly afterwards to correct his statement, apologising for the confusion and saying on Twitter:

While children should not normally be moving between households, we recognise that this may be necessary when children who are under 18 move between separated parents.

“This is permissable and it has been made clear in the guidance.”

He said the Government does want to reduce the amount of movement between homes, but the case of separated people this is a clear exception.


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