Ready for the catch...

You're pregnant and you're proud. You want a photo that captures the wonders of pregnancy, a permanent record of this amazing time in your life.


But sometimes it all goes a bit, erm, wrong.

So much so that the 'awkward bump pictures' in the new pregnancy section of have become our new favourite thing.

In this photo, the mum-to-be in question gets in a squat-like position with her belly bulging and a 'PUSH!' expression on her face. So far, so creepy. But what makes this photo is her family on all fours underneath her, craning up to have a look at where the baby will come from. What were they thinking?

In another shot, the dad-to-be has his eye and baseball bat firmly aimed at the ball on his pregnant partner's belly. We wonder how he pitched the idea to his partner: "Uh, honey, let me draw a baseball on you and then come and stand next to me. The bat? Oh yes, I'll explain..."

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Other interesting pics include a pregnant woman posing with a watermelon and a gun. Um, yes. And there are lots of interesting experiments with paint. The creepier the better. Don't say you haven't been warned!

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We don't think she's having a ball...


Not a pic to bring out at the 18th birthday party...


Was there really nowhere else to lie down?


Melon, gun, bump - err...


His fantasy perhaps?


Just spooky...


Get the idea, but the styling??


Why oh why a swamp?