When MadeForMums met Mickey and Tigger

Disney superstars talk best friends, bouncing and hot air ballooning!


In the vast world of modern celebrity, there are very few entertainers who can rightfully be called living legends, but Disney icons Mickey Mouse and Tigger can both lay claim to this most esteemed title.


So it is with a most humbled pleasure that MFM caught up with the animated entrepreneurs in anticipation of their impending UK tour, Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin Road Show, which rolls into London’s New Wimbledon Theatre from August 16-18.

Mickey Mouse

Age: “Gosh, let’s just say I’ve been acting since 1928. Not bad, huh?”

Nickname/s: “Well, sometimes Goofy calls me, Mick.”

Famous for: “Gee, I don’t know about famous, but lots of folks seem to like the cartoons and movies I’ve been in. And I’ve got pals  from all over the world who come to see me in parades and shows. Gosh, it seems like no matter where I meet friends, we always find a way to have fun and celebrate together!”

Where are you currently living? “Well, my house is in Toontown, but lately I’ve been travelin’ to all sorts of places with Minnie for our shows. It’s great! We get to visit children everywhere and see the world. So, I guess ya might say that home is where you hang your party hat. (ha-ha)”

Do you have a girlfriend? “Aw gee, Minnie’s been my sweetheart for as long as I can remember. She’s the best!”

What are your hobbies? “Oh, I like doin’ lots of stuff. Playin’ music, dancin’, fishin’, hot air balloonin’, you know? Oh, and I love to travel. In fact, I’ll be in the UK real soon! I sure am lookin’ forward to it.”

What do you never travel without and why? “If ya ask me, it sure is hard to beat a pair of red shorts and my yellow shoes. Let’s see, what else… Well, I like all sorts of music, so I always bring my music player! It’s great to dance to. And if I can get a crowd dancing, that’s even better! And ya know, I always have the most fun when I get to go places with Minnie and my pals Goofy, Donald, and Daisy.”

Favourite Holiday destination? “Gosh, I love travelling all over the world, gettin’ to meet children and seein’ ‘em smile, and dance and sing. In fact, the UK is one of my favourite places to go. The children sure can sing loud, and they’re great dancers, too!”

Favourite Movie to Watch on a Plane? “Gee, that’s a tough one…Well, I really like Fantasia! It sure was fun to make. (Ha-Ha!)”

Mickey, what keeps you motivated after a long, long journey? “I guess the first thing I think about is all my pals, all over the world. There’s nothin like good friends to make every day tons of fun. Yeah, they really keep me goin’.  ‘Course if we’re doin’ a show, the gang and I also have to rehearse. In fact, I think I’ve got a rock n roll rehearsal this afternoon! Can’t forget about that.”

Tell me a little bit about the new Disney Live to tour  to the UKWhat can kids expect? “Well, it’s kinda like a great big party! And it’s a rock and roll roadshow so everybody gets to sing and dance and make lots of noise! It’s great!

Whats super exciting about the tour to the UK  this time? “Aw, I’m just excited that we get to come back!  We made tons of great friends the last time we were in the UK,  and I’m really lookin’ forward to seein’ them again.”

What do you look forward to most when you come to Wimbledon? “Minnie and I love tennis so we couldn’t visit Wimbledon without playing a match or two! If the weather is nice we might even have a picnic with our pals on Wimbledon Common!”


Tigger, you are famous for having fun and bouncing, why do you bounce so much? “Cause bouncin’s what Tiggers do best! And besides, bouncin’ makes you smile and a smilin’ Tigger’s a happy Tigger!”

What’s your favourite snack to refuel yourself after bouncing? “Well, I’ll tell you what I don’t like: Thistles! They’re hot! Yuck! But I do like vegetables from Rabbit’s garden from time to time – carrots, celery, lettuces.”

Everybody says that it’s really important to drink lots of fluids while exercising to stay hydrated; what do you like to drink after bouncing? “Water, water, water! Oh, and milk sometimes too. Say, a “hydrated” isn’t like a Heffalump is it? (gasp) Or a Backson?! They’re frightenin’.”

Do you eat a big breakfast to give you energy for bouncing? Perhaps porridge and fruit? “Well, sure I do! Eatin’ breakfast is what Tiggers do best – besides bouncin’,of course!”

What other fun activities do you like to take part in? “Let’s see… well, I like bouncin’ and playin’ Pooh Sticks and bouncin’ and goin’ on expotitions and… did I mention bouncin’?”

You must use up lots of energy at Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show. Most people need about eight hours sleep every night. Do you ever get tired? “Nope.Tiggers never get tired ‘cause we’re bouncy, troucy, flouncy, pouncy, fun-fun-fun – (snoring).”


Tigger? Tigger? Goodness, looks like he’s started his eight hours right here and now. We’ll let him sleep. Thanks Tigger.

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