When should celebs return to work after having a baby?

Billie Piper is the latest celeb mum to return to full time work just six months after the birth of her son

You would think most celebs were rich enough to take a well-earned break from work after having babies, but it seems many don’t seem to bother.
Billie Piper was back in full-time work earlier last month, filming the third series of Diary Of A Call Girl, just six months after the birth of baby Winston.
But she has said she will be cutting back on the acting soon.
She said: “I’m going to wait for the right thing to come along and until that happens, spend time with my son.
“I don’t want to rush into anything that isn’t right or doesn’t inspire me.
I have a new baby, so it’s all quite full-on at the moment. You spend a lot of time awake. But I think the worst of the bad sleeping is drawing to an end.”
Other celeb mums who returned to work quickly after having their children are Myleene Klass: 3 weeks, Halle Berry: 5 weeks, Sophie Ellis Baxter: 9 days and Nicole Kidman: 3 weeks.


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