Brand new mum Kim Sears has been spotted out on a stroll with her newborn daughter Sophia.


Wife of tennis ace Andy Murray gave birth four weeks ago and was looking very content this week, stylishly wrapped-up against the cold while leaving Starbucks.

Sophia, meanwhile was tucked away snuggly in her very own celeb-magnet buggy, the iCandy Peach pushchair.

Described as the “A-lister” of buggies, Kim joins other celebs like Keira Knightley, Victoria Beckham, Frankie Sandford and Abbey Clancy, who have all sported the iCandy badge.

However, the fact that she’s gone for the new Peach model got us talking at MFM HQ. The fact that it's a single buggy, which converts to a double, suggests that the Murrays may be keeping their options open for the future. There could be a whole new generation of Murrays coming along to win prizes (we can imagine Granny Murray might have a few plans...)

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You can buy the iCandy Peach from John Lewis, Mothercare, or iCandy.

Andy, who is currently playing in the Indian Wells tournament has said in a press conference this week that he and Kim won’t employ a nanny, despite friends telling him otherwise, as he wants to make the most of being new parents.

"We hadn't planned on getting a nanny. A lot of them [friends] have said: 'Get a nanny.' But I think everyone has said it's one of those things that the more effort you put in, the more rewarding it is.

"You get so much back out of it, so give as much time as you can, enjoy every minute – because, even though at the beginning it can be challenging with sleep and whatnot, you'll miss it when it's not there. It's a nice stage to look back on, to enjoy every minute of being a parent. I've been trying to."


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