Who are the fussiest eaters of them all: dads or children?

Survey reveals fewer men eat their veg than pre-schoolers


Have you ever had to puree vegetables and sneak them into meals to appease the fussy eater in your household? Oh, and does that fussy eater happen to have a beard and be called Dave? Well you’re not alone.


According to a new survey, dads are routinely outdoing their own children in the fussiness stakes, and ladies across Britain are resorting to stealth tactics to ensure the whole family gets their five-a-day.

Savse polled over 1,200 mums, finding that pre-school children are consuming an average of 12 different types of fruit and vegetables a week compared to men, who only eat half this amount. 

While 85% of mother’s questioned claimed that their child regularly ate their full five a day, the men in their lives only managed 1.2 portions.

But if there’s one lesson in feeding that mothers learn pretty quickly, its stealth, and 48% of those questioned admitted they had pureed vegetables and hidden them in sauces and soups for their significant other.

The top five offending vegetables for men were cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, aubergine and mushrooms, with 32% abstaining entirely from greens.

One mum admitted, “My husband will only eat carrots and sweetcorn; I am forever pureeing vegetables and sneaking them into sauces to widen his veg intake. I am concerned the kids will copy their father and end up being as picky as him.”

So who’s the fussiest eater in your family? Have you tried covert strategies to ensure your partner gets his five a day? Let us know by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page.


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