Who does Jessica Biel most want to thank since becoming a mum?

Justin Timberlake's wife gave birth to their first child 5 months ago – and she's feeling grateful


Jessica Biel has revealed who she most wants to thank since becoming a mum, and no, it’s not her husband Justin Timberlake; it’s her own mother.


Being a mum, Jessica says, “is incredibly hard, the hardest job in the world and I’ve never been more thankful and grateful to my own mother.”

“Oh, my gosh I’m going to call her right after this actually and just thank her,” she told Today. ” What you have to do for your kid — it’s an amazing responsibility and the biggest joy ever.”

Jessica gave birth to her first son Silas 5 months ago. “He’s wonderful. He’s just a joy. It’s an amazing, amazing experience,” she said.

But what about new dad Justin? We hope he’s doing his fair share of helping out? “He is doin’ it all,” Jessica said. “He is in there, deep.” Well, we’ll leave you to imagine what that means…

Did you feel differently about your mum after becoming a mother yourself? Do please let us know in the comments…

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