Why are people having a go at new mum Cheryl?

Six months after giving birth, and Cheryl's toned post-baby tum has caused a stir...


By now, most of us will have seen the photograph of new mum Cheryl lounging on a yacht, impressive abs on display.


Or the photo she shared to Instagram, featuring her best friend and fellow Girls Aloud alum Nicola Roberts, again with her impressive abs on display.

Yep, just 6 or so months after welcoming her 1st child, Bear Payne, with One Direction’s Liam, Cheryl’s impressive abs are indeed, unquestionably, on display.

From the few social media glimpses we’ve seen, her post-baby tum appears to be trim, toned and taut, and she seems to be (rightly) unapologetic about it. Perhaps, you could say, even flaunting it.

As a result, there’s been a little bit of backlash recently – from fans, fellow celebs and most recently from reality star Chanelle Hayes, who admitted she’d “gone off” Cheryl after seeing the pics.

And the backlash has struck us as a little odd, if we’re being honest.

Our stance on all this post-baby body business should go without saying by now: some women lose their baby weight, some don’t, some really try to and some simply embrace the change – and all of these things are perfectly OK.

And no one should ever, ever, feel pressure to worry about those things in the early weeks and months of motherhood.

Fortunately, in this day and age, it’s really easy to see that a variety of post-baby bodies exist – thanks to all the mums out there who share their mumbod snaps proudly on social media, at different stages of their journeys.

And for many of us, we’re in the camp of wobbles and stretchmarks and not-being supermodels. That’s what real life looks like for us.

So, yeah, Cheryl’s post-baby physique isn’t relatable, but let’s be honest, neither is the fact all the ab-flashing’s taking place on a £££ yacht.

She’s a celebrity – a very, very famous one, likely with all the beautifying and body-honing magic, and time, money can buy. For her, we guess that’s what real life must look like.

And we certainly wouldn’t want to judge her for it ?

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Images: Instagram/Cheryl

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