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Why Australia may ban pre-schoolers from blowing out birthday cake candles!

A simple childhood pleasure or germ-spreading chaos? You respond to the latest wacky worldwide news

Children will have to find another way to make their birthday wish in Australia as health authorities move to ban pre-schools from letting children blow out candles on their cake for fears they are spreading too many germs. You know, the children that drool over crayons, sneeze over each other and eat worms in the playground. Yep, those ones. Those cakes are just too darn problematic.


Perhaps it’s wise, or perhaps it’s downright ridiculous, but the idea is that in order not to take away the candle-blowing-rights of children completely, the birthday child should have a separate cup cake to blow a candle out on. Meanwhile (presumably) the rest of the class tuck into a cake made by someone in a germ-free environment decked out in gloves, a mask and germ-repellent cutlery, ovens… air even? Anyway, we were keen to hear your response so took to Facebook to get your thoughts:

  • “Funny but makes sense since germs spread quickly in schools anyway,” says Jenny Beavan.
  • “OMG, as if children don’t share the same germs anyway…” says Evva D Kania
  • “Nanny nation beyond!” says Alison Owen
  • “Ridiculous. What’s a few germs? There’s loads out there” says Andrea Savill [neé Drayton]
  • “Made me laugh… yes little ones do tend to spray a bit of saliva when blowing out candles, but does anyone go around dettoling door handles and school equipment?” says Frances Haines
  • “Will they stop coughing, sneezing and breathing? Let kids be kids and enjoy their childhood! No candles… silly!” says Holly Laura Starling-Cass

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