Just a few weeks ago, Billie Faiers had her 2nd child, a baby boy.


And she’s now revealed to that she and fiancé Greg Shepherd have decided to call him Arthur ? – even though she wasn’t really planning to.

Arthur, which means ‘bear’ and is of Celtic origin, obviously conjures up images of the legendary medieval King Arthur, and maybe also makes you think of Sherlock Holmes writer Arthur Conan Doyle.

And, of course, celeb fans will remember that it was Selma Blair’s choice for her now 5-year-old son, Arthur Saint.

But it seems that Billie didn't have too much choice over Arthur's name – because her fiancé and her toddler kind of ganged up on her...

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And it all started during the pregnancy when her fiancé Greg, whose grandfather’s name is Arthur, came up with a name for the bump.

"I wanted to wait until after he was born to choose the name,” Billie confesses to OK! magazine. "But Greg... would always call my bump Arthur.”

And then once the couple’s toddler, Nelly, caught wind of what dad was calling the bump, it was game over for Billie!

"Of course Nelly picked up on it, too," Billie says, "so, after she got her mind set on it, there was no changing it!

"Luckily, I really love the name.”

We love the traditional name choice, too.

And we bet loads of you may have found yourself in this situation too (some of us certainly have!), when, once the pregnancy bump gets a nickname and/or your other kids get involved in the name game, a certain name just catches on, and that’s that! ?

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Images: Instagram/Billie Faiers

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