Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni got more than she bargained for when she shared a candid bump snap with her 11M+ Instagram following: a few untoward comments about the size of her bump.


She revealed she was 5 months pregnant in October, so we reckon she's either 6/7 months in the above photo (taken right at the end of November).

"Is she pregnant?" one fan pondered. While another said: "You sure there's a baby in there? This is mind-boggling."

While, according to SheKnows, other commenters took it upon themselves to call her "too thin" for pregnancy.


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Model Chrissy Teigen's getting the exact opposite flack from her millions of fans.

Some of them have commented on recent bump pics to imply that Chrissy's 'too big' for the stage of pregnancy she's in. One even called her "a little chunky" ?

chrissy teigen

They've also noted that her bump was smaller when we last saw it during an episode of her TV series, Lip Sync Battle, in October, 2 months ago.

Now, Chrissy hasn't revealed her due date publicly yet, and, yes, both women have bumps of different shapes and sizes at these (presumably) varying stages of pregnancy.

And, alright, we have to admit we were fascinated by fitness model Sarah Stage's petite bump recently. If you ask us, there's nothing wrong with being curious about another's woman bump.

Maybe even sizing it up to your own, and marvelling at both bumps and their uniqueness.

But there is something wrong with making sly comments, being judgmental, thinking that somehow a barely-there or much bigger bump is 'not right' or 'unhealthy'.

And we just can't get on board with this idea that someone wants to go out of their way to make said bump owner feel, well, a little less than for not living up to the world's tummy expectations.

It wouldn't be on if these were comments about a non-pregnant tum, would it?

Final word: we just want to reiterate that there is NO SUCH THING as a 'right size bump', and it's not usually an indicator of your baby-to-be's size or health. No 2 bumps are ever the same, nor is there any reason for them to be.

That's why all this bump-shaming's got to stop. For good.

Images: Instagram/Chiara Ferragni, Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

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