8-month-old Luna is something of a social media star ? already.


Her supermodel mum Chrissy Teigen is always sharing adorable updates of her little one on Instagram and Twitter.

And the most recent snaps of the cute tot are pretty relatable, not least this one of her looking less-than-impressed by her 1st meeting with Santa

chrissy luna

“'She did such a good job!' 'She didn't even cry!' We only share what we want you to see, my loves. Lol” Chrissy wrote alongside it.

But another one that really caught our eye was a video of the rosy-cheeked baba waving to the camera - as a message for her dad, John Legend.

“We miss you, papa!! Can't wait for you to come home!” the caption read.

Cute, right?

But Chrissy, who’s no stranger to mum-shaming online, quickly updated her caption to silence any comments about Luna’s red complexion…

“(Yes she has rosy eczema cheeks, yes we are taking care of it, no it's not a gluten allergy, no it's not our makeup, no it's not from our perfume, yes she's just a baby).”

Fans weren’t surprised that Chrissy felt the need to clarify Luna’s eczema in her post, seemingly before anyone had mentioned it - in fact, they totally understood why.

“How sad that you need to write that out. I can only imagine the remarks you would get if you didn't. She's adorable! ?” wrote one follower.

And another mum could totally relate to the vibe of Chrissy’s post - that feeling you get when people seem to think you aren’t doing everything you can to fix things, or that you're somehow blissfully unaware.

“My daughter had severe eczema all over her body and people always had "advice" or comments to make as if we, as her parents, weren't aware of it.

"We tried literally everything, and nothing worked until we had a dermatologist prescribe something.

“We were completely absorbed in taking care of her skin, but other people always had such mean and judgmental comments. Luckily it cleared up completely on its own around the time she turned 1. ?”

Here at MFM we’ve definitely noticed celebs having to pre-empt a wave of mum-shaming comments with captions like these.

Just this week, a heavily-pregnant Pink made it very clear in a recent Instagram caption that she was drinking decaf, and not caffeinated, coffee.

Not that that stopped a flurry of criticism, of course. *Sigh*.

Hopefully, as the new year begins, things will become a bit more positive - and we’ll see a lot less of mums having to write disclaimers like these.

Images: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

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